Our heads are in the cloud - in a good way.


AWS Partnership Overview

East Lake Consultants leverages AWS Media Services to provide an integrated suite of services that allows for video providers of all kinds to create reliable, flexible, and scalable video offerings in the Cloud. Customers will be able to build end-to-end workflow for both live and on-demand video, with the professional features and reliability needed to deliver premium experiences to viewers across a wide range of devices.

Whether for entertainment, sports, news, education, community engagement, or corporate alignment, consumers today expect great video experiences delivered securely and reliably to any device, including tablets, smart phones, connected TVs, or set-top boxes. Previously, video providers had to procure very expensive, specialized, broadcast equipment that was inflexible, slow to adapt to new device platforms, hard to scale to meet times of peak demand, and often lacking in support for the latest video formats, resolutions, and streaming techniques. What’s more, if the video provider wanted to adopt a new, revenue-generating, business model, such as personalized advertising to a global customer base, they needed to spend a considerable amount of time and effort making that work seamlessly across all devices.

East Lake believes transforming video technology in the Cloud should be easy. We can remove the complexity and confusion for media companies and content owners navigating the streaming economy. Our mindset is about outcomes, while delivering value, stability and quality. Our mission is to provide a seamless Cloud experience, built upon simplified services and solutions.

Business Analysis Services

In order to build software that will truly transform your company, it’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of strategic direction and business goals. Our business analysts put effort into knowing your business inside and out. By combining a thorough understanding of your company’s operations and aspirations with cross-industry examples and best practices, our analysts can help bring your business applications into the future.

When you’re looking to build a new application for your business, you don’t just want one that will perform basic functions; you want a piece of technology that will help your company succeed. That’s where our business analysts come in. They’re the bridge between user experience and technology, and they make sure that our teams always keep in mind what’s best for your company and what will be best in class in your industry.

Application Architecture & Core Engineering

The path to building the best applications for your business begins with strategic thinking. Our application architecture and core engineering practices are integrated from the start to ensure that we understand the breadth of your needs and choose the right technology for your company. Our team has a strong technology focus, but we’re “tech agnostic,” meaning, we can work across a variety of platforms to build a wide range of solutions. There’s no problem we can’t solve and we work to make sure we’re fitting our solutions to your business.

Our software architecture process is about more than technology. It’s a collaborative effort between our team and clients. We’re not just looking to build a particular application or piece of software; we’re solving a business challenge. We consider all of the technology and systems that your company works with to best determine how the product we’re building will fit and provide value to your operations. We also assess the latest technologies to make sure we’re creating a cutting-edge solution that will work for your business now and into the future.

Our technology and software architecture choices are based upon industry best standards, and ensure that your platform will be supportable and maintainable long term. It’s this forward-thinking approach and collaborative effort that ensures what we build will contribute to your bottom line and help your business grow.

UX User Experience Strategy

Our UX strategy practice uses a combination of industry best practices, heuristic evaluation, and user research to determine the best path forward for your applications and software. From this, we can also inform a design that will help you find efficiencies and build your company’s competitive advantage.

Custom Software Development

Whether you’ve been cobbling together off-the-shelf software solutions for too long or you’re looking to be a digital-first disruptor, a well-conceived, beautifully designed, and robustly built custom software development solution can be the decisive factor in your business transformation or product launch. To make sure a custom software development solution solves for your business challenges, we combine a deep understanding of your business and your users with our broad knowledge of the digital landscape, trends, and strategies. This way, we design and develop custom software that reflects the realities of your business today, and can be easily extended to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

Mobile Application Development

There’s no denying that smartphones and tablets are integral to our modern lives. Your customers and users are increasingly interacting with your products on the go, and your mobile experience can make or break your business. While common frustrations can make a user swipe away, a smooth and intuitive mobile site or app can be a real asset.

CMS Development

Content management systems should enable your marketing team, rather than create extra work (and extra headaches) for your site maintenance. We create content management development tools that give your teams the ability to create a site that can evolve with your business. Even better, our CMS solutions are built with your company in mind, meaning they’ll integrate seamlessly into your current technology ecosystem.

Any CMS can probably get the job done, but too often a complicated CMS solution can add work (and extra headaches) for your marketing team. What is meant to be a tool to build your web presence, becomes a barrier to nimble strategy and innovative thinking.