strategy and Distribution

In today’s media and technology landscape, the old way of building a business is no longer viable. Even techniques dating back to 2015 are obsolete, and identifying where and where not to distribute content, products, or services is harder than ever.

The team at East Lake Consultants has been many steps ahead of the front line of this new scope for more than 10 years. We predicted this major shift and have executed new tactics in the face of many doubters.

Our team has worked with and developed for every major distribution platform, and has cultivated senior level connections with worldwide partners such as Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Sony, Roku, Comcast, American Movil, and more.

Music Brand Partnership

The East Lake team has 25+ years of experience working within the music space. In that time, we have simplified the process of branded music sponsorships. Our capabilities cover strategy, talent curation, live streaming, production, licensing, and distribution

Music brand sponsorship is underinvested in, compared to sports sponsorship for example. Yet, music is being accessed more than ever due to streaming platforms. The music industry is fragmented and difficult to understand, but the East Lake team is comfortable in this industry because we grew with it.

evaluating new Technologies

In this emerging and ever-changing era of technology, adapting is not good enough. At East Lake, we have the foresight to match each company with the right technology solutions and next-generation data before others identify the same opportunities. The problem is not a lack of solutions, but finding the right solution for each company. We are well-versed in the complex choices made concerning things like ROI, integration, and platform partnerships.

Every decision our team makes is a product of expertise, so you can trust that East Lake will find your opportunity in change and drive it. 

Marketing development

East Lake has the knowledge, tools, and connections to simplify the challenges of market development. We possess the insight to navigate distribution platforms, product development, branding, and promotional opportunities, and we understand what methods, platforms, and software should be taken advantage of.

We also have the ability to capture detailed analytical data, and we use this information to efficiently grow businesses and their users. It is our responsibility to provide each company with connections and strategies that will lead to success.


One of the hardest decisions for a new media business to make is their business model or monetization strategy; SVOD, AVOD, freemium, paid, or free. We provide the most strategic options to help companies make this decision.

We have first-hand experience with next-generation technology protocols, advanced billing methods, analytic support, built-in subscription, and every monetization method. The team takes pride in our direct responsibility of driving subscribers, distributing content, and launching business models.

Corporate Funding and Investment Relationships

If you're looking to fund or sell your business, the presentation of materials is too often underestimated. Just like having your house in order is critical for it to be worthy of an investment or sale.

Our team has raised over $300m in combined financing and has exited seven companies in the last 20 years. We have successfully gone through financial due diligence with private investors, institutions, private equities, and public companies.

(Yes, each one is different and requires a different strategic approach.)

We at East Lake understand that each of these investors require a different, strategic approach. Finding the right investor or acquirer for every company is our expertise. If this is accomplished, the success rate increases, while saving companies their most precious asset; time.

Content Licensing

East Lake has extensive experience navigating the complicated landscape of content licensing, with unmatched expertise in negotiating, securing, reporting, and managing rights.

We have over 50 years of combined experience in content licensing and have direct experience negotiating, securing, reporting and rights management with almost every major content licensor in the world.

Our music content experience is second to none. We have executed global content deals with Universal Music Group, Sony, Eagle Rock, Warner, Soundstage, Orchard, as well as PRO deals with BMI, ASCAP, SEASAC, and SOLAR.


East Lake has vast experience preparing detailed financial models based on predictive formulas and KPI data sets. We perform the necessary analysis to drive informed, substantiated business decisions. Each company we have started or worked with has often been operated lean, so we had no choice but to have data and automation help us grow.

SQL and Python expertise on big data sets to optimize royalty payments across multiple channels. Reduced royalty expenses by 50% over three years due to transactional reporting and optimization using in-house coding.

Advanced database queries to mine data for actionable business decisions. Clustering, Regression (Linear and Nonlinear), Machine Learning, and PCA analysis are just some of the tools we have used in the past.